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"THE LOON" Gimp Hood Mask Red Leather With Silicone Gag
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We named this special hood "THE LOON" , it will be the talk of any party. The eyes can be covered by the attached blindfold, while the mouth can be stuffed with a silicone plug. Use any combination of the gag and blindfold to give your sub the proper discipline. The smooth padded and soft leather around the eyes and the mouth ensures the most comfort experience. This leather-lined mask is made of high quality leather and it gives the perfect fit. Remember that toxic metal and nickel parts will never touch your skin. There is a lace-up backing for complete adjustment and fitting to your sub head. The hood closes using three lockable buckles, and the collar buckle includes 3 D-rings so you can attach a leash or other bondage gear.
If you are looking for a safe, high-quality, and comfortable mask and gag, look no further!


  1. Leather padded Blindfolds with leather strep belt.
  2. Non toxic aluminum eyelets around the mouth and eyes.
  3. Padded leather reinforcement for eyes and mouth.
  4. PURE Silicone mouth gag with a leather strep belt.
  5. Two variation of gags to choose from: Penis shape or Round Bal.
  6. Premium 3 D rings for attachment of leash or other bondage gea.
  7. 3 extra leather straps with lockable buckles.
  8. Straps can be used with or without padlocks.
  9. All rivets are covered with leather on the inside so do not touch the skin.
  10. Quality stitching throughout.
  11. Generous leather hair-guard flap keeps even long hair out of the lacing.
  12. Thick laces for strong hold


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