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About us

BONBDSM was founded after being active for many years in the BDSM scene we decided to design and produce our own bondage gear. Our philosophy is to make durable high quality real BDSM toys. And  as a manufacturer with many years of experience with Leather, stainless steel and silicone we use only the finest quality. Our leather recources are in most from Argentina and Brazil. Our stainless steel comes from Japan, and our silicone from Canada. We produce and design all kinds of silicone products, like silicone ball gags, silicone  dog tails etc. Next to our own designs we can also produce a design from a customer.With our Logo or the customer's logo. Main thought stays, that Bondage Fetish Toys will be made in a high quality As you know there are lots of cheap and lower quality products of SM gear available, something we don't want to offer you. We think that on the Long run, quality will always win. BONBDSM is specialised in Leather hoodies , Bondage gear like Wips, and silicone Gags.
We are famous for our whips, paddles and riding crops which Combines stainless steel with beautiful Leather. Also an important item in our collection is the medical leather bondage Line.Because we produce everything our selve we can offer our high quality BDSM toys at very affordable price. We can deliver our Bondage gear fast because we keep most of it on stock. New orders or new designs will also be produced in a short time because of our enthusiastic and experienced staff right now. We produce for companies in Canada, California and Europe.In march 2010 BONBDSM will present some of their own design for the first on our website. Encouraged by many customers and BDSM specialists, and thanks to the demand and need of high quality Bondage products we decide it's time to do so.
We thank all of our customers for their trust and support the last years and hope to serve them and many others for a long time in the future.

*If you are serious about Bondage think BONBDSM*